International Students

ABS has a well established system, the international student service (ISS), which offers help and guidance to all international students who join in the courses offered by the institution. The ISS is the central point of action where International students in need of any assistance or having queries should direct themselves. The International student services operate to serve the interests, needs and concern of students.



International students should possess a valid and appropriate visa before they join at ABS. The International Student Services provide guidance and assistance to students on visa issues such as obtainment, renewal or extension. THE UNIVERSITY works in close collaboration with the Mauritius Passport and Immigration office (PIO) in order to comply with the student visa policies and requirements.

Visa Requirement in Mauritius

General Information
A student visa cannot be processed without accommodation having been secured. We will provide students with the list of accommodations available, together with the price list and photos so that students may choose the preferred one.
• Non-citizens travelling to Mauritius without a visa (if required) may be repatriated to their country of origin or residence at the transporting carrier’s cost.
• Any person who stays in Mauritius after the expiry of the period for which he obtained a visa or entry permit as the case may be, shall commit an offence and shall be liable for prosecution by a Court of Law.
• Non-citizens travelling to Mauritius as tourists/visitors are not allowed to engage in any gainful activities or apply for extension of visa to follow studies/training courses.
• Prospective students are advised to travel to Mauritius only after their application for study/training in Mauritius has been approved.



No vaccination is required before arrival in Mauritius. Mauritius is free from diseases such as Malaria, Yellow Fever and Cholera. However, travellers who are more that one year old and coming from areas where yellow fever cases are reported, are expected to present a yellow fever vaccination certificate.


Arrival at the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (Mauritius)

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (SSR) International Airport, Mauritius, is about 37 kms from the University and is easily accessible through a pleasant and picturesque motorway. It usually takes approximately 45-50 minutes normal speed drive from the airport to reach the destination.


Disembarkation card

It is important that you respect the formalities of filling in the disembarkation card which is handed over to you during the flight. It is essential that you mention the residential address/ visiting address and your contact person in Mauritius and this card is to be handed to the Mauritius Immigration Authorities in the airport.



ABS will provides airport transfer for our students on request. Students, who wish to be picked up at the airport, should make all necessary arrangements with the us prior to arrival. Depending on the number of students, a taxi, mini van, mini bus or coach will be waiting outside the airport where the agent will welcome you and transfer students to their respective accommodation. Please note that an airport transfer fee will be charged for the service provided.

Some Recommendations
• Change some of your money into Mauritian rupees immediately on arrival. If you are taking a taxi, the transfer cost may vary from Rs 1000-Rs 1600
• Be careful when you drive. The British Driving System (driving on the left hand side of the road) is used in Mauritius.



ABS is committed to helping each student reach his or her full academic potential. Students are encouraged to give thoughtful consideration to their academic and personal goals and to take responsibility for their academic choices and decisions.
An Academic Advisor will be responsible to provide academic support and guidance to students. Academic Support is designed to assist students in refining and strengthening the academic skills necessary for success at ABS.

ABS provides a variety of academic services and resources to support student learning:
• Student strategies
• Content Tutoring
• Writing & Research
• Language (French & English)
• Mentoring
• Academic Achievement Programs
• Resources for students with disabilities
• Speaking and presentation
• Island Tour and Welcome Packs


English Language classes during your studies

If English is not your first language, ABS offers the following English Support Programme which can be useful to students:
• Academic Writing Skills classes
• Speaking Skills classes
• Listening Skills classes
• Writing Advisory Service
• Tutorials



The Accommodation department provides information about accommodation options for students, advice about how to search for accommodation and useful resources for foreign students.
When choosing somewhere to live for the academic session, there are a number of things you may wish to consider, including:
• Proximity to the Institute/University
• Types of Accommodation
• Associated Costs
We have someone looking for housing for students. This accommodation database allows students to listings advertised by the agent, specifically looking for foreign students for their accommodation. The different locations where accommodation is available are: Vacoas, Curepipe, Beau-Bassin, Quatre-Bornes , Rose-Hill and beach areas such as Flic en Flac and in the Northern coast of the island. Most rooms are single study bedrooms in self-catering flats with either shared or en-suite bathroom facilities.


Proximity to the Institute

Some students prefer to stay near to Atlantis House. Others may be happy enough striking a balance between travel time and the type of accommodation on offer. The best plan is to explore our lists of location and its neighbourhood, and see what you like.
Types of Accommodation
The type of accommodation available varies, from en-suite shower/toilet facilities to rooms with shared bathroom facilities. You will want to weigh up the type of accommodation and its associated cost before making a decision.
Associated Costs
Based on the quality and size of the room as well as the facilities on offer, accommodation varies in price. If you accept a room or apartment, you will be expected to sign a lease agreement for residential accommodation. The accommodation department will give more information about payment methods and how best to make the necessary arrangements for accommodation. Different accommodations at different prices are classified as follows:

Indicative costs of living in Mauritius

• Estimated cost of living (including accommodation, food and pocket money) – US $300 per month.
Mauritius has a magnificent diversity of cuisines to offer. The most common varieties are Creole, Indian, European and Chinese, with seafood almost always the speciality.
There is an excellent variety of music programmes on many radio channels, 24 hours a day, to satisfy all tastes. Popular singers from abroad often come to Mauritius to give a live performance.
You are free to practice your faith without any restriction or discrimination.
Time zone
+ 4 hours Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) & +3 hours Mid-European Time



ABS offers student counselling service, as the welfare of students is its major concern. The aim is to ensure that whatever personal, emotional or psychological problems students experience, the impact of it on academic studies are kept to a minimum and the student’s capacity for achievement is optimised.
Counselling service provides assistance to problems which include:
• homesickness
• loneliness
• cultural transition
• social skills
• self-esteem issues
• confidence building
• stress and anxiety
• depression and suicidal feelings
• loss and bereavement
• trauma and crisis intervention
• addictions
• academic problems including motivation and concentration
• relationship issues
• family problems
• any other personal, emotional, social or psychological problem.



ABS concern for its students is not only focused on the courses being pursued but even extends to the students’ career plans. ABS will help in the transition from fresh graduates to being an employee in the workplace. In line with this, THE UNIVERSITY has devised
• individual interviews to discuss career plans
• Career enhancement workshops
• support on areas such as interview and job fair preparations, as well as resume and cover letter writing.

At ABS, we believe in the importance of linking the academia and the industry to produce relevant and applicable knowledge which meets the labour-force requirements. As such, we are continuously in touch with the Industry so as to establish and help students to get work placements.



Mauritius has 8 public hospitals and some private clinics and hospitals too. All public hospitals, except the private ones and clinics, in Mauritius offer free medical treatments for its residents. It is advisable to visit your national health services and learn more about the existing social security agreements or conventions between Mauritius and your home country. It is further highly recommended to get a private health insurance before your departure. You can never know when you can need medical treatment for an accident or a severe illness. It is also advisable for students, who wish to have private or individual rooms when hospitalized, to take a healthcare insurance to cover for the expenses as these facilities, which are mostly provided in the private hospitals and clinics, are costly.



For the personal development of its students, ABS has developed a calendar of activities with the aim of engaging students to recreational activities and have a break from their daily routines.
Activities not only include touring of the island, sports, dance and other entertainment activities but also consist of Community Development Projects by providing help and assistance to NGOs in order to contribute to the Mauritian society at large.
Students should check the website regularly for upcoming events.



ABS is located in Quatre Bornes, which is situated in the centre of Mauritius. It is easily accessible to main roads and motor ways. There are bus stops where you can take buses to go to different parts of the island.
Apart from buses, there are taxis and many private transports. Taxis are easily available. Just a phone call and you get one.


Leisure and Shopping

Mauritius has many beautiful places worth visiting. The lovely sandy beaches and emerald blue lagoons which surround the island further contributes to its beauty and provide you with a place of relaxation and be in harmony with the sound of nature. You can also enjoy other activities like fishing, water skiing, surfing, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, water skiing and many other kinds of water sports.


Places of interest

Discover Port Louis
Port Louis is the Capital city of Mauritius. It houses many historical sites and buildings that make it a pool of historical information about Mauritius. It is also the commercial and main business centre of the island.
Some of the recommended sites of visit are:
• Aapravasi Ghat – UNESCO World Heritage Site
• Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius
• Belle Mare Water Park Leisure Village
• Black River Nature Park
• Blue Penny Museum
• Cascavelle Shopping Mall
• Casela Bird Park
• Chamarel Coloured Earth
• China Town
• Grand Bassin Lake
• Horse Racing at Champ de Mars
• Ile aux Cerfs
• L’Aventure du Sucre