Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Honors (Majoring Software Engineering)


The Bachelor of Science with Honors in Information Technology with majoring in Software Engineering awarded by Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) is offered at Atlantis Business School; with the objectives of providing students with a strong knowledge base in the area of IT.

The programme also aspires to produce excellent professionals who are able to translate theories into best practices as well as the ability to identify, analyze and solve problems. Besides emphasizing only theoretical aspects, students will also be exposed to the practical aspects of IT through case studies.
Graduate Attributes
All those who become citizens of Universiti Utara Malaysia will develop Attitude, Skills and Knowledge to make them valuable assets to whichever organization they serve in their working life. In addition, to assessment of existing qualifications following the standard guidelines, the following attributes are sought and nurtured:



Through independent research, the student learns organizational and time management skills, which are important in the development of leadership quality. Lecturing and assistantships in undergraduate level will also inculcate leadership quality in the students.


Social responsibility and community involvement

Research topics are developed with social responsibility in mind. The research topics should be relevant with the current times and feedback from the community and industries are important in formulating an effective research strategy and proposal. Research output needs to address or suggest improvements to problems affecting the community or nation.

The training, knowledge and skills in a specific field of research acquired during the course of the programme will instill professionalism required to work independently in research and development or other equally qualified employment in an organization.


Programme Specificity

The aim of this programme is to produce graduates with the competitive knowledge, principles and skills in term of theoretical and practical foundation for designing, implementing and managing information technology solutions and resources and also recognizing the impact of technology on individuals, organization and society.



The world of Information Technology is always growing and changing. Therefore, learning how to keep up with the pace of technology is of uttermost importance and students will acquire this knowledge when enrolled in the programme of BSc Information Technology. Nowadays, Information Technology is playing a vital role in any industry where employers are recruiting skilled people with experience who can handle information technology hardware and software.

Students who earn information technology degree can excel at a variety of jobs in any industry they find exciting. Along with knowledge about information technology, students will develop other skills such as problem solving, typing skills, communication abilities, logical thinking, critical thinking, creative thinking, technical writing skills, and interest in changing and developing technologies.



This programme consists of the FOUR (4) components


• Community Development I, II, III, IV
• Introduction to Social Science
• Malaysian Nationhood Studies
• English Proficiency I
• English Proficiency II
• English Proficiency III
• Islamic and Asian Civizilation
• Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Community Development

The intent of this course is to help students understand the concept and method of community services. Basic knowledge on managing programme is not only given as a theory but also, students are required to apply that as a practice through organizing an effective community services project. Students need to propose their community project through proposal paper in order to organize the project for coming semester.


• Science of Thinking and Ethics
• Foundations of Finance
• Programming I
• Programming II
• Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis
• Database Sys. & Information Retrieval
• Systems Analysis and Design
• Information Technology Project Management
• Research Methodology in IT
• Basic Networking
• Computer System Organisation
• Operating System
• Intro. to Artificial Intelligence
• Human Computer Interaction
• Mathematics for Information Technology
• Discrete Structure
• Statistics for Information Technology
• Project 1
• Project 2
• Practicum

• Software Engineering
• Mobile Programming
• Software Testing and Quality Assurance
• Web Engineering
• Real-Time Programming
• Component-Based Development

Students can choose one modules offered by another programme at ABS

Practicum – Industry Placement
The practicum module is one of the compulsory courses which students are required to complete before graduating and its duration is 6 months. Practicum is a module designed to place students in an organization that may offer students a period of work so that they may learn and build some expectations from their experience while working there. The aim of this module is to let students relate the knowledge they studied in the classroom with the real aspect of job environment. Additionally, it potentially gives rise to opportunities for the students to build some ideas about the expectation, the culture, norms and skills that they have to prepare before they embark their journey into the job market. Practicum will build quality graduates before venturing into the job market in future. Students should take this opportunity to explore new things during their practicum as compared to the theory learned from classes.
Student Mobility Programme

Our students will even have the possibility of having one semester in UUM during the second year, by paying only your air ticket and accommodation on campus.
Fly-in faculty

Each semester, a Lecturer from UUM will come to Mauritius to deliver some lectures and to ensure that we are in compliance with all quality standards of our programmes.



  • A-Levels
  • Cambridge Overseas School Certificate / GCE A-Level


  • Pass in any 2 Advanced subjects with CGPA ? 2.0




  • Course fees will amount to Rs. 93, 000 (MUR) per year.




  • Examinations are conducted by the MES (Mauritius Examination Syndicate) as per the norms and recommendations of UUM.



  • The duration of this course is 31/2 years.



  • Each academic year structure will consist of 2 semesters which will be spread of 15 weeks each (including mid-semester break).
  • 1st Semester: February – June
  • 2nd Semester: September – January



A student shall be evaluated for academic performance in a module through coursework and final examinations. The coursework include the following assessment methods namely mid semester test, lab test, quiz, individual and group assignment, class drill/exercises, peer evaluation, report & presentation and so on. The weightage of both the coursework and final examinations of the different modules will vary upon the requirement of the programme.



Graduates of the BSc. IT (Hons) can work as:

      • Software Programmers


      • Systems analysts


      • Systems integrators


    • Database administrators
      • Software engineers


      • IT consultants


      • IT Technical Analysis


    • Data Managers



All examinations shall be conducted by the MES (Mauritius Examination Syndicate) for candidates of Atlantis Business School (ABS) on behalf of the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).



The Bachelor of Science with Honors in Information Technology with majoring in Software Engineering is awarded by Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). This programme is accredited by the accredited by Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).