Why ABS?

Our Business programmes are NOW AACSB accredited. AACSB is the Advancing Quality Management Education Worldwide.
Many universities may claim to be an accredited school, but it is important to recognise that all accreditation are not equal. In some countries around the world, a school may be accredited only in their country and that accreditation may not be recognized in another country. This could pose a challenge if a student is studying in one country but plans to work in another. In this case it is often a good idea to be sure the accrediting body is intentionally recognized.
When a programme has AACSB accreditation, it sends a message that it is one of the BEST programmes in the world- differentiating itself in terms of quality, rigor and relevance. It takes a strong commitment by a business school to earn and maintain AACSB accreditation. We believe that as a potential student, they must weight many factors in choosing a business school. Be sure not to overlook programmes’s accreditation. Accreditation is what makes a business school stand out among the rest.